Saturday, March 23, 2013

First Pics From Finland!!!

Elder Golling is having a great time on his mission.  He sent home some first pics from the field and a huge long letter.  We email weekly but I really do love to get the letters.  The main part of his letter is talking about all that he is learning.  Here are some highlights:

The language coordinator taught them was about the gift of tongues.  But this could be applied to anything hard or challenging

1.  Have Faith
2.  Hard Work
3.  Pure Motive

He says if you need help with any of this pray for it.  Pray for more Faith, pray to work harder and pray to have a strong motive to do it.

He also talks about dealing with people.  This, I would say, was always a challenge for him so it is good to hear what he has to say and I am sure I can apply it in my life.

When dealing with people, "build people up to the point so that they will realize that they should be better.  Love even better - pure love.  Give into their will until they realize that they should do the same.  If everyone becomes submissive, everyone will feel the Spirit.  More submissiveness is the key to getting along (not in all things but there are lines - follow the Spirit)".

He says that Finnish is crazy hard but it is starting to get easier.  My favorite thing he said about it was when he doesn't know, he just guesses and the Spirit helps him with that.

He sounds awesome and is absolutely loving his mission.  He and his companion are relying on riding bikes everywhere.  He said riding bikes in the snow is not as hard as he thought it would be.

Here are some pics!

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