Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy in the MTC!

We were fortunate enough to have a couple in our ward work at the MTC.  They saw Elder G and gave him a hug for us.  That was actually a very sweet blessing for meant so much to me. She went back the next week to work at the MTC with her camera and took this picture for us of Michael with his companion.  He looks so good!  He is a District Leader for his group and spends hours in meetings as well as other classes.  I asked him to tell me about what his days and duties are like so hopefully I will hear about that in his next letter.

I have been asking him for advice as to what to study.  He has told me to study the "Preach my Gospel" manual.  He said to start with the Charity section in chapter six.

Elder Golling is doing great.  He is studying very hard and is teaching lessons in Finnish now.  His letters are mixed with English and Finnish.  On one of his emails he went from English to Finnish in mid sentence.  He was in a really big hurry when he emailed and I don't even know if he did that. He said his spelling has gotten really bad.  It wasn't that good to begin with.  

In his spare time at the MTC he is working out very hard.  He is a very physical guy.  He has mastered the rowing machine and is apparently the champ at it.  He has lost inches but is gaining in muscle weight.

He has never been so happy before.  Our friend told us that he just glows of the spirit and is everything a missionary should be.  We are so happy for him!

He really did go to Los Angeles to get his visa.  He and his companions flew to LA and back in a day.  They had lunch in Beverly Hills and said he saw some really "sick" cars there.

He misses his friends and family but he is exactly where he wants to be.  Hopefully I will post again soon.

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