Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Love the Pictures!!!

I do not have any names but there is someone who works with these young men at the MTC who went to Finland 23 years ago.  This week while we were at the Salt Lake Temple lights I received an email with this picture.  The caption on the letter said that these fine young men are doing well with the Finnish language.  It absolutely made my day to get this picture.  I miss seeing my son and an occasional picture is AWESOME!  Don't they look great!

His letters are great.  He said he has many, many meetings.  He also spends whatever free time he has working out.  He said he is the champ at the rowing machine.  That kid...always so competitive!  He sounds so happy.  One of his favorite things is receiving letters.  He loves to hear from everyone.  We have made a point for the whole family to each write a letter to him each week.  I need to keep everyone doing that because he really loves hearing from home.

If we thought his spelling was bad before he left, it is horrible now.  Apparently the vowels are completely different in Finnish and he struggles to write in English.  He write an email home each week and a nice long letter as well.

I just wanted everyone to know that Michael is doing great.  He is loving the MTC and loving being a missionary.  He is extremely appreciative of his mom and dad, which is awesome.  He raves about how well he said he was raised and continually apologizing for anything he may have done growing up.  That part is really fun!  I know he misses home but I also know he is exactly where he wants to be doing exactly what he wants to be doing.  Thanks for loving and caring for him!

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